Facial Therapy

Facial Therapy

Achieve skin radiance with aromaceutial elixirs, potent antioxidants, and active botanical extracts. From an instant beauty flash facial through to men’s skin fitness and the more luxurious results-driven facial therapy.



Anti-oxidant Facial

Alleviate discomfort of redness and sensitive complexion and provide long-lasting hydration

60 mins $99


Beauty Flash Facial

A discovery facial for an instant beauty flash.

30 mins $59



Fruit Collagen Facial

Boost the skin by applying the youth elixir masque of hydrolyzed collagen and restoring the glow

60 mins $99




Men’s Skin Fitness Facial

Decongest, regenerate, and boost collagen with a men's-only facial.

60 mins $99


Detox Balancing Facial

Detoxify and cleanse while purifying and rebuilding skin texture and improving elasticity

75 mins $119


Brightening Facial

Brighten the skin cells by infusing the vitamin C, vitamin A, pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E and omega oil to correct the uneven skin tone and restore the firmness

75 mins $119



Radiance Hydrating Facial

Deeply hydrates and firms for renewed skin radiance.

75 mins $119